Rafael Manzano Prize 2021

The 10th Rafael Manzano New Traditional Architecture Prize has been awarded to Sergi Bastidas, who has worked chiefly in Mallorca, in both new building and renovation, seeking always to use traditional materials and techniques. He also has a particular interest in integrating into his buildings the identity of the place to which they belong. The buildings he designs seem to merge with their setting thanks to his attention to local terrain, climate, materials and building traditions, the ways in which the place has been used traditionally and its vegetation and landscape. Hence he is a great advocate of more natural and sustainable materials, which also give his work warmth and humanity: stone, lime, wood, cane, etc.

VÍDEO Presenting Sergi Bastidas and his work

Video made by Irene Pérez Porro presenting the work of Sergi Bastidas, for which he has been awarded the Rafael Manzano Prize 2021.


Born in Barcelona, in 1979 he set up his first architecture practice, BB-Architects, which later gave rise to his current firm, Bastidas Architecture. He began his career also in Barcelona, where he worked with Enric Franch Miret, his mentor, with whom he collaborated for various ADI-FAD industrial design competitions. Over a career of nearly 40 years he has practised in the Balearic Islands, Barcelona, Paris, New York and Marrakech. After several years of working with his sons Gerard and Boris, in 2020 they both joined him in the management team of Bastidas Architecture.

One of the most notable qualities of his work is that his finished projects seem always to have been part of their setting and only an expert eye can easily discern whether they are restorations or new buildings, between what already existed and what has been added. Local landscape and culture thereby become central to each of his projects. 

Notable among his extensive work in Mallorca are Hotel Can Ferrereta in Santanyí, the product of renovating and enlarging an 18th-century farmhouse; the rebuilding and restoration of the 18th-century Can O’Ryan mansion in Palma de Mallorca so as to convert it into the Rialto Living store; and many country houses that he has designed, restored or enlarged, such as Sa Barralina, organised around a central courtyard; Son Garrot, in which he aggregated several volumes; or the more vernacular Es Puig. As to his work outside Spain, we may note in particular, for the use of traditional forms and systems and especially of earthen construction, his refurbishment and enlargement of the school of Ameskar in Morocco.


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Can Ferrereta, Mallorca, adaptive reuse and new construction

Son Garrot, Mallorca, adaptive reuse and new construction

School of Ameskar, Morocco, adaptive reuse and extension

Rialto Living, Mallorca, renovation and extension

Sa Barralina, Mallorca, adaptive reuse and extension

Es Puig, Mallorca, new construction


La ceremonia de entrega del Premio Rafael Manzano 2021 a Sergi Bastidas y de la Medalla a la Conservación del Patrimonio 2021 a José María Ballester tuvo lugar la tarde del 17 de noviembre en la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando de Madrid (RABASF).

El acto estuvo presidido por D. Tomás Marco, Director de la RABASF, D. Robert Adam, presidente de INTBAU UK y del Jurado de estos Premios, D. Alfredo Pérez de Armiñán, Vicedirector de la RABASF, D. José Luis García del Busto, Secretario General de la RABASF , D. Rafael Manzano, Académico de Número de la RABASF  y D. Pedro Navascués, Académico de Número de la RABASF  y Presidente de la Sección de Arquitectura.

Durante la ceremonia, D.Rafael Manzano y D. José Luis García del Busto homenajearon, en nombre de la RABASF, a D. Richard H. Driehaus, recordando su figura y su obra.

La laudatio de Sergi Bastidas la realizó D. Léon Krier.

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